Hello, I'm Justin McKinley, a commercial artist located in Boulder, Colorado. My skills range from art direction to illustration with a primary focus in graphic design. I'm currently a full-time art director at Life Time Fitness. I accept a wide variety of freelance projects.

Email me or invite me to coffee and we'll share stories about bicycles, motorcycles, furniture, art, architecture, adventures, and pugs.

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September 2014

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Life Time Fitness

YourClassical.org is just that, classical music... for you. Whether you’re relaxing after work, lulling your baby to sleep, or even powering through a tough workout, we’re here for you, with classical music for all of life’s moments. Tap into our collection of expertly selected pieces and listen to the world’s most enduring music.

American Public Media created a website to stream a number of curated classical playlists. They asked me to develop a family of graphic identity marks to differentiate the themed streams. The visuals appeal to a new crowd of classical music listeners by communicating the value of curated playlists and providing a premium listening experience.

What began as a quest to rethink kids' birthday parties at Life Time Fitness resulted in developing a family of characters. Each of these eleven animal-ish figures have unique personality traits that unfold with each new event they are involved in. Drawn to his playful, fantastical style, we chose illustrator Chris Lee to bring these characters to life.

My primary responsibilities were to develop themes and conceptual sketches for the for client approval and provide general composition to the illustrator. In addition I was tasked with designing architectural signage and various tactics for the kids brand–ranging from printed banners appearing in-club to promotional giveaways for events, and email and interactive marketing.

Character illustrations by Christopher Lee.
Copywriting by Gia Bellemy.
Junior design contribution by Toni Hall.
Creative direction by Adam Reynolds.

As one of the four primary brands I service at Life Time Fitness the cycling brand is a passion project. Inspired by my fifty mile round-trip commute to the office (many days by bicycle) the designs reflect the grittiness and elegance of being on a bike.

Cycle kit designed in collaboration with Mike Hagan.
Creative direction provided by Krae Lausch.

Hooper & Nabout is a team of attorneys serving a variety of industries, with a primary focus on creative commerce. This identity system was created to reflect the work that they do for musicians, artists, designers, architects, with a feeling of freshness, warmth, and vitality.

Made in collaboration with Colin Trechter.

THNBLE was created by engineers, technologists, tinkerers, and nerds. It is an app that allows the user to track data using low energy bluetooth sensors. I served as a graphic designer, brand consultant, and average-joe tester for this emerging, entrepreneurial brand.

Ballerina was created as an alternative line of apparel to appeal to dancers. Pronounced with emphasis on the BALLER, it's a mashup of dance culture and hip-hop streetware. I created the identity and designed the first line of t-shirts and tank tops.

In collaboration with Jes Nelson.
Photos by Charlie Ward.

The Way Things Could Be began with an interest in positive people and organizations that were creating social structures and public systems in a progressive way. Since then it has become a collection of curated objects and graphics with a theme of human interactions. In addition, it has provided a platform to create projects with similar ethos.

Visit The Way Things Could Be to view the project.

These are some things that don't fit in the projects above but would like to share. The images here are inspired by friendships, cycling, and the things seen in-between. It's sort of a graphic diary where I describe my life through designs, doodles, and photos.